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A professionnal alliance

A professional alliance

Medaesthetis was launched in 2013, bringing together the expertise of two entrepreneurs from complimentary fields, in order to help start-ups and innovative SMEs. With their forward thinking vision and taste for a business challenge as Silvia and Gilles’ leitmotif, the perfectly matched entrepreneur duo currently consult for companies through their Medaesthetis platform, for whom several of which they sit on the board of directors.

Silvia Scherer

Silvia Scherer

Founder and CEO of Medaesthetis

With 25 years of experience in developing my commercial, entrepreneurial, and managerial expertise, especially in venture start ups such as Scherer Medizinprodukte and Anteis S.A., I am now focusing on bringing Medaesthetis to the forefront in the medical, pharmaceutical and aesthetic fields. Developing this experience with companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Corneal, and Hoya Medical, just to name a few, was a formative and enlightening time.

Prior to the creation of Medaesthetis, I was one of the founders and later the Managing Director of Anteis Aesthetic, the key division of Anteis, totalling 80% of company’s global turnover. Anteis was a leading innovative company in next-generation injectable biopolymer-derived products, in Aesthetic Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Osteoarthritis.

From the company’s public launch in 2005, our team grew Anteis from a seed of an idea to a globally represented 65 distributor-strong network. Anteis became known as “the company most awarded for innovation and technology in its field”.

In 2009, I had the honour of seeing my work towards changing the lives of physicians and patients awarded the Gusi Peace Prize, through my contribution to improving lives through the new ground breaking Anteis Injection System (AIS).

Today, I strive to bring our team ever towards the future in the field of aesthetics, with a finely tuned entrepreneurial eye on the market potential of my various ventures; all the while honing my managing skills and developing my network of precious relationships with key opinion leaders.

Gilles Bos

Gilles Bos

An engineer by passion, an entrepreneur at heart

As an entrepreneur and engineer, I have over 30 years of experience in corporate management and technology development in the MedTech field.

A common thread guides my career choices; combining innovation and strategy in order to match product benefits with the market’s requirements. With this purpose in mind, in 2003, bolstered by years of experience in health care, I created a start-up company in collaboration with my partners, known as Anteis.

By awarding my contribution to the industry in 2008 in the "HIGH-TECH AND BIOTECH" CATEGORY, the experts of the Swiss Economic Forum honored the exceptional services of Anteis in the following fields: innovation, creativity, quality of services, job creation, technological advantage, research & development, and more.

Within 10 years, through focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing injectable Hyaluronic Acid, Anteis became known as a global leader in this particular field. Anteis was acquired by Merz Pharma in 2013.

Since 2013, I have focused on the financing and development of SMEs in various sectors through our global platform, now known as Medaesthetis. I recognize in Medaesthetis a real capacity to propose new technologies in the field of aesthetic treatment. Contributing to the projects on a daily basis, I bring my vision and expertise helping the teams to give their best for the satisfaction of our partners and clients.

A global platform bringing together best in class expertise.

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We believe in working together with our trusted colleagues and partners to better serve your needs. We look forward to providing you with value driven support to better develop your projects.

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